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Get some rest

  • Leviticus 14:1-57
  • Mark 6:30-56
  • Psalm 40:1-10
  • Proverbs 10:11-12

30The apostles gathered around Jesus and reported to him all they had done and taught. 31Then, because so many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat, he said to them, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”

Mark 6:30-31

I’ve always been an overachiever. The first time I can look back on my life and recognize it was when I worked in the restaurant business. I started at the hostess desk at the age of 16 and worked my way up to General Manager of an establishment by the time I was 22. I was not afraid of working long hard hours. Some jobs I came in at 4:30 a.m…..some jobs I stayed till the wee hours of the morning. On many a New Years Eve, I did both.

They say that the average person has 3 major career changes in life. That is true for me….first was the hospitality industry. Next came mom. I took on the role of motherhood like it was a new career. I worked hard at that, and I pushed hard too. My daughters will tell you that. The 3rd was real estate, I built a business from nothing to being in the top 10 of agents in my 200+ agent office.

Then we moved here and the nest emptied out. Its very quiet here, and sometimes I feel like a fish out of water, flopping around on the ground gasping for air in the silence of the rest. I don’t know what to do with myself somedays. I feel like I’m supposed to be DOING something! I keep finding myself reporting to God all that I have done and taught.

But in my case, no one is coming. This statement brings up a well of tears to my eyes. No one is coming. The kids don’t want to come around anymore, they have families and careers of their own. I’ve never really found friendships here in smalltown USA that I can call my own. Oh, I have acquaintances, but not really friendships. I just don’t feel like I fit in anywhere. Our small town church doesn’t really have Bible studies and when I tried to start a study for women, I ran in to brick walls.

I see the verse that say “But many who saw them leaving recognized them…..” (vs 33) That’s not what its like on this little farm. Its very remote, and sometimes, very lonely. I yearn to be recognized, I yearn for people to come. I hear at this point in my life “sit down….on the green grass….” Mark 6:39

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters,

Psalm 23:1-2

After this feeding of the 5000, Immediately Jesus made his disciples get into the boat and go ahead of him to Bethsaida, while he dismissed the crowd. (vs 45). That’s twice Jesus INTENTIONALLY gave the disciples rest. Jesus knew better than they did, the rest required for the journey ahead. Jesus himself went up on a mountainside to pray. (vs 46) before meeting his friends out on the lake.

Like literally, ON the lake! Jesus just walked right on out there when he saw the disciples straining at the oars, because the wind was against them. (vs 48) He just about walked right on past them, but they cried out, because they all saw him and were terrified. (vs 50) Y’all, I confess, sometimes I am terrified. I’m terrified because I feel like I’m missing it. Like, I’m supposed to be doing something, and I just don’t know what it is.

I think about writing a book

I think about becoming more and more self sustaining out here on the farm and selling produce via farm stands or CSA, but farming at that level requires full time work, and I still have a part time job.

I think about starting an Air B & B, but who would stay here, 20 minutes away from the nearest town?

I try to meet my grandchildren’s needs by shopping and doing, but then think I better keep saving for retirement

I think about changing jobs, but then what about our garden and livestock?

I buy books on blogging and then look at other blogs and think, I’m never going to be as good as that….

Oh wait, there it is. I’m never going to be as good as….There’s the overachiever in me. The girl who quit school and is trying to make up for her bad decisions. The young woman who got a DUI at 17 and is still in mentally in recovery. The mom who sometimes pushed a little bit too hard and is trying to heal relationships. The wife who just about failed her marriage and is trying to emotionally still mend. All those failures of the past, just never seem to go away, do they? No matter how many times I cross over to the other side, I get out of the boat, and the crowd of voices telling me that I let them down are chasing me.

for they had not understood about the loaves; their hearts were hardened.

Mark 6:52

I’m never going to be as good as……”who,” Jesus says in my mind “Who are you trying to be better than, Theresa? What are you trying to prove? Do you think you can be and do better than the miracles that Jesus can do? Why is your heart so hard that you can’t see the miracle? How much longer are you going to flail around on this green grass that I’ve given you to sit on? Are you going to accept the forgiveness and redemption that I bought for you or are you just going to keep trying to make up for your past? Can you just rest and accept?”

Lord, you have brought me this far in life after all the horrible lifestyle choices that I made in my years. You are the miracle. You provide for all we need, abundantly! For that I am forever grateful. Teach me to rest, only you can soften my heart. I am creating my own headwind, and I don’t know how to stop. I don’t know how to just rest. I don’t even know what that means, really. People have been coming at my my whole life…and now, its quiet. Help me navigate through this quiet storm.

How do you rest?

Are there mistakes in your past that you just keep trying to fix and make up for?

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What did Jesus come to do?

  • Leviticus 13:1-59
  • Mark 6:1-29
  • Psalm 39:1-13
  • Proverbs 10:10

As long as they have the disease they remain unclean. They must live alone; they must live outside the camp.

Leviticus 13:46

This was the prescription for defiling skin diseases. This was also the prescription for mental illnesses of all kinds. and other physical diseases. This was also the prescription for some levels of criminal behavior. These kinds of people were to be avoided and rejected by the community. God was present,visually and spiritually, in the tabernacle and in the camp where everyone else was at. So when a person got inflicted with a disease and got booted out of the camp, they were no longer in the presence of God.

No visitors.

Wear your mask.



I don’t have children at home any more but I see the effects of children and families regarding covid restrictions. It’s insane what we are doing to people! If you don’t agree with me, I am sorry, but this is ridiculous! The scientific numbers aren’t supporting the isolation that is taking place. The effects of addiction and depression have substantially increased since this quarantine mess has started. Criminal behavior has elevated to unprecedented rates, and frankly I wonder if its not the effect of stress, isolation and the economy. I see my grandchildren not being allowed to go to school, just because they were on the bus with a kid who had been exposed. My daughter was quarantined away from family and friends because she “tested positive”. She had no symptoms. Grandparents are not being allowed to go to sporting events of their grandchildren because of covid regulations. Seniors in nursing homes are even MORE isolated from their families than they were before, all in the name of coronavirus.

I do know people who’ve had covid, and some have gotten really, really sick. I know of 1 person who died. My heart goes out to families and friends who have lost loved ones because of this horrible disease. Also to the ones who have lost friends and family members to heart disease, cancer, pneumonia, sclerosis of the liver, diabetes, the flu. Its heart wrenching to lose someone we love. When someone is sick with any illness, they should stay home, rest, and respect others enough to not go around them.

I wonder though, if we are not killing more people with isolation than we are with covid. What are we doing people? We are killing our society and our economy with this desolation!!

I feel like we are back in the days of Leviticus with this isolation thing. Enough is enough! It is time to get on with life.

5He could not do any miracles there, except lay his hands on a few sick people and heal them. 6He was amazed at their lack of faith.

Mark 6:5-6

Sometimes I wonder if God isn’t trying to get our attention? We all know the high risk groups, right? Those with heart conditions, diabetes, lung disease, cancer and other pre existing illnesses. Also, it seems those who are overweight, who smoke, who drink alcohol excessively, don’t exercise or try to stay healthy are more at risk to getting sicker.

But then, I hear of people who are panicked and afraid to go outside for fear of catching covid but are excessively overweight. Other’s who are afraid to go inside the grocery store, except of course to get their cigarettes. During the shut down last spring, the government stopped allowing church services, but it was ok for liquor stores to be open, because after all we don’t want people to go in to withdrawals. We don’t allow community gatherings of more than 10 people, but riots in large cities are ok.

We have to return to God, friends.

if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and forgive their sin and will heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:-14

Jesus is the real deal y’all! He CAN and WILL and WANTS TO heal our land. But we as a world MUST:

  • call on His name,
  • humble ourselves
  • pray
  • seek his face
  • repent AKA and turn from our wicked ways

Repenting seems like a crazy super Jesus freak word….but all it means is to turn away from, or change our minds. So if I’m heading down the road to a place and realize that I’ve gone the wrong direction, I can turn away from that direction and go towards the right direction. I repent. Its really just that simple. There’s no judgement there….just a changing of direction.

But now, Lord, what do I look for? My hope is in you.

Hear my prayer, Lord, listen to my cry for help; do not be deaf to my weeping, I dwell with you as a foreigner, a stranger, as all my ancestors were.

psalm 39: 7 & 12

The Psalms teach us how to call upon God, they’re big and sometimes hard to understand, but there are verses in each one that are just a prayer…friends, I pray this for our world. I pray that God would hear my prayer, my cry for help. I turn on the news or read it on my phone and feel like a foreigner or a stranger in this land called America. There is so much violence and hatred. I don’t even go on social media anymore because its full of vitriol and anger. Its like people are spitting at each other.

Ashley said recently, “Mom, I wish we could just all go back to posting pictures and memes”.


Now it all seems like everyone is playing a political theater game or something.

Whoever winks maliciously causes grief, and a chattering fool comes to ruin.

Proverbs 10:10

Jesus was in his own home town hanging out with the kids he went to carpenter school with played on the football team with. His buddies. In todays world he may have been in his own Facebook group or his own Twitter feed when he said:

“A prophet is not without honor except in his own town, among his relatives and in his own home.”

Mark 6:4

This change in the world, has got to start with one person. Then, like a drop of water in the still pond, it will spread. Turning away from this fear and hatred to the One who can do miracles will seem scary at first. People will doubt you, and they will wonder what got in to you. I even had one person years ago say, “Yea, your mom told me that you got religion.” When I heard that, it felt like being stabbed in the heart. My own mom. A friend. But friends, when Jesus came in to my life, it was worth it. I was able to leave behind some really bad choices and a terribly unhealthy lifestyle. Its not easy being the only one in your family or friend group who believes in this Jesus, but God will send people your way. I promise.

Lord, I am sorry for our lack of faith. I am sorry that you can not do any miracles here because of our sin and doubt. I repent in behalf of our world and nation. I pray that you lay hands on a few sick people and heal them, because they are out there. Lord, heal our land. Heal our world. I thank you that all things are possible for those who believe in you and call upon your name. I pray specifically for the person reading this today, that you would work on their heart, heal their body, mind and spirit and use all these things to draw them and me, closer to you.

How has coronavirus affected you? Can I pray for you today?

What does it mean to you for God to heal our land?

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