S.O.A.P Journaling with Theresa McNett

Hello and welcome to my blog site! My name is Theresa, and my prayer is to provide myself and you a place to discover the Truth of who God is, who I am and who you are, in Christ. My goals with blogging are:

  • to build relationship with a community of believers
  • to teach others about S.O.A.P. Journaling
  • to provide a resource for people who want to read the Bible in a year
  • to provide a daily devotional. 

The S.O.A.P Journal method is an interactive way to glean more from your Bible Study. I started this blog in February 2021. Prior to that, I read the Bible in a year for about 10 years in a row. When I say journal, what I mean is a spiral notebooks that I get on sale at the local store. There are some beautiful journal books out there, but I go through a lot of them so, I just choose to write in just a plain ol’ spiral notebooks. Its acronym is:

S- Scripture from the Bible. I use the NIV version of God’s word. You can use any Christian Bible you want.

O – Observation. What do you observe in the scene for the scriptures for today?

A – Application. Pick a verse or so that seem to stand out to you from any of the scriptures. How can what I read be applied to my own life?

P – Prayer. 

There are four scriptures for each day and they will be at the top of each journal entry.

  • One from the Old Testament
  • One from the New Testament
  • A Psalm (or part of a Psalm in some cases)
  • Proverb.

Reading all the scriptures for each day, the reader will have read the whole Bible within a year.

Some people just choose to read just one of the scriptures….for instance you may choose to just study the New Testament or the Proverbs. That’s perfectly fine! You do you! Just get in to God’s word as best as time allow. 

I REALLY ENCOURAGE YOU to read the scriptures before you read my reflection. You can trust when you read my writings for the day, that I have already spent some time reading the Word, praying which also includes prayers for you. I will most times only pick one scripture to reflect on. But often times, God will weave them together and speak through more than one for the day. 

I hope you will come to appreciate and enjoy the time you share with the Lord through this method of Bible study. It has totally enriched my life and changed me at the core. I pray that you find a closer relationship with God through this journal.


My family at Ashley’s wedding in September 2019. From left to right, Jeff, Ashley, Dakota, me (Theresa)

2 responses to “S.O.A.P Journaling with Theresa McNett

  1. Mary

    Hello! Thank you for the invite. This evening, I will take the opportunity to read your journal. Meanwhile, sending you love!

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