About Theresa

Theresa McNett

I began journaling during my awakening to Christianity in about 1995 via suggestion from a my spiritual director. To say it was difficult at first is a very large understatement. I just didn’t know what to read or write!! It was suggested to spend about 20-30 minutes per day. Frankly, that felt like an eternity. Like someone pinned me to the chair.

If you find that you don’t know how, or what to say or read or do…be patient. God is good, and He wants you to meet with Him. Trust that God will guide you.

In about 2005 we were introduced to S.O.A.P Journaling and it really worked for me. Both my husband and I began to read the Word this way, and to journal it.

A little background about me. I have a very patient husband, Jeff, that has navigated life with me for 29 years and together we have two grown daughters, Ashley age 28 and Dakota age 22. I am truly blessed. Jeff and I live on a small farm in Southeast Kansas where we raise cattle, chickens and a humongous garden. Our daughters, thankfully, live in the 2 small towns nearby with their families.

I have a deep desire to share the Word and the love of God with the world. I hope you find as much fulfillment in reading as much as I do writing these journal entries.