Proverbs 10:17

  • Leviticus 19:1-20:21
  • Mark 8:11-38
  • Psalm 42:1-11
  • Proverbs 10:17

Whoever heeds discipline shows the way to life, but whoever ignores correction leads others astray.

Proverbs 10:17

Last year, the pastor at our church did a whole sermon series about the Enneagram. I had vaguely heard of it before, when I say vaguely, I mean that I had seen or heard people announce their “number”, but that’s about it. It was a really great sermon series and many of our congregation jumped in with learning about their personality Type.

God really spoke to me with this study, and as with many things, I jumped in full body immersion. I learned that my Type is that of an Enneagram 4, and my second highest number Type, which is really close a Type 7. Currently, I am taking an online course at This website offers a deep dive and even one-on-one coaching, and pursues it within a heavy Christian light. I just love it and I am learning about alot about what makes me tick. One of the attributes is for Type 4 is being “introspective”. That’s putting it mildly, for me.

When a Type 4 is in a growth point, moves toward a healthy side of Type 1, who tends to be more disciplined and grounded. I would absolutely concur this information. When I am in a good place, I tend to get more be good at setting and achieving goals. I am more apt to be productive and focused. However, when a Type 4 is under stress they try and manipulate others into loving them, which is more like an unhealthy Type 2. They (we) become overly involved and clingy to others. Yep. That’s me.

Ugh. Sorry family! I’m working on it!

Perhaps I should write in invisible ink on the inside of my glasses Proverbs 10:17, so that it only shows up when I’m either being disciplined or leading others astray AKA causing arguments with my clingy-ness. Is this even possible? Someone should invent this. Not me, I’m a Type 4, the only thing we invent are new ways to paint furniture and poems and songs, and perhaps write long blog posts.

The word discipline comes from “discipulus“, the Latin word for pupil. Interestingly enough, it also provided the source of the word disciple….you know, like those guys that Jesus was doing his best to TEACH in the Gospels? So like, when I’m in a healthy place, I’m being “teachable”. I’m actually being a disciple. I’m growing and learning in the Lord.

Disciplined in what way? Well, one way for me, running is a discipline. I always say I don’t particularly like running, I just love finish lines!

This is what discipline looks like to me….but its also the hard days. Training for these events takes dedication and effort. These pictures are from finish lines, but to get to the finish line took showing up for rainy days. It took discipline to take that first step at 5:00 in the morning. It took answering the question….why am I doing this? For you, it likely means something else. Maybe its reading scripture every day. Maybe its eating healthy foods (this is one for me too, that I really struggle with). Maybe its giving positive talks to yourself. Maybe its cooking dinner at home instead of spending money going out to eat. What is it for you?

But ohhhhh, the people I met along the way!! The friends I have made with running are some of my favorites. Doing something hard together brings a level of friendship that years and distance can never take away.

We all get stressed out and off track sometimes, especially me…..somehow I can get so off track that I don’t even know how I got there. So I wonder, does getting back on track require the discipline first or does the discipline come as a result of getting healthier? I can tell you this, for me, right now, its taken me to get off my fluffy winter butt and going outside! It requires me to take that first step. It takes a physical response to Jesus when he says “Follow me!”

Dear Lord, thank you for the wisdom of the enneagram, its so helpful. Thank you for teachers and coaches that you have placed in my life as a beacon of light to you. I thank you for your patience with me when I get off track and for knowing that you have a path for me to take….I’m in awe of you. I pray that the person reading this seek your light and find a guide that would put them on the path toward you, because there is REAL freedom. There is an unstoppable joy!

What is your discipline?

Are you on track or off track? Please share, and let me know how to pray for you today.

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